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What's Inside

Why Goat Milk?
Goat milk has many benefits (inside and out).  Goat milk has smaller fat and protein molecules making digestion easier and some people who are lactose intolerant can actually digest goat milk diary products without the problems they have with cow based dairy products.  The essential fatty acids in goat milk are anti-inflammatory and can help soothe skin, studies even show that it's anti-bacterial properties can be used to treat acne.  Our goats are like part of the family, so they are well cared for and loved, when they get sick we do treat them to get them healthy again, but the milk we get during treatment and for a holding time afterward is not used.  So you can rest assured that the milk that is used is the best quality.
I want to share with all of you a little more about our other ingredients too, and our partners:
We use high quality oil and organic and sustainable if possible. 
Palm oil is a great concern to the damage to rain forests, rest assured that we source sustainable palm oil, certified RSPO for our use!
We use organic - coconut oil, golden jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter.
We try to use natural and raw ingredients as much as possible, but other oils need to be refined to be used in soap and body products and are a food or cosmetic grade from approved sources.
I try to source local ingredients when I can, so let me share those with you so you can check out each of these great companies for yourself.
Simply Sunflower, Ord, NE  Almost every product we sell has this rich sunflower oil in it that includes 40% vitamin E.  Most companies extract their vitamin E and sell it off separately, but not Simply Sunflower, you get the full product full of all that natural goodness.  Available in stores throughout Nebraska.
Red Road Herbs, Stanton, NE We use the best locally sourced hebs for our soaps, primarily Sacred Herbs Soap.  Herbs are so versitile, we use them dried for decoration, powdered for colorant, infused into oils and there are so many other uses.  To learn more about the MANY herbs out there and their uses, please contact Rachel at Red Road Herbs, she hosts many learning events each year.
ShelBee Honey is a local beekeeper less than 10 miles from our farm.
I am working on local sources for coffee, wine and beer, I will keep you posted!

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